Assembly themes

Assembly 1st March 2022
Our first assembly this half term was lead by Charlie and Zac our year 6 parliament leaders.
They led a good debate on how to use some funding to improve our outdoor facilities. They held a vote with the following results:

1st place was new bug homes and fish in the pond with 62 votes

2nd place was a quiet area where you can go when you feel you need some time alone with 49 votes

3rd place was a mud kitchen with 38 votes

4th place was some new play pod with 25 votes

Assembly Monday March 14th
Our assembly today was on the theme Expect to Connect. 
We talked about where we live and how it connects to the rest of the world: part of Cornwall, part of England, part of Britain and part of Europe. We looked at some photos of Schooner Class in London and talked about our connection with the capital city.
We then talked about St Piran's day and what it means to be Cornish - having a love of, connection with and pride in Cornwall its culture, history and people. I explained how language is an important part of culture and that we all speak the Cornish language because so many place names locally are Cornish.
Assembly theme 21st March 2022:

We are celebrating Neurodiversity Week starting with our assembly today.

You can find the slides attached including profiles of some brilliant neurodiverse people and some facts about their neurological differences. We talked about the meaning of diverse and why we should celebrate diversity of all kinds. We repeated the themes of the final slide throughout.
Our assembly began with Ian Dury's - 'I believe' which, I believe, is well worth 4 minutes of anyone's attention:
I believe in being kind
Especially when it's hard
I believe an open mind
Can show a fine regard
I believe that manners make
A person good to know
I believe in birthday cake
And going with the flow