April 2022

Assembly 4th April 2022
Today was our last assembly on the current theme of Expect to Connect
We celebrated the achievements and great teamwork of our football team who are current Cornish small school champions and represented Cornwall at the regional finals in Keynsham, Somerset over the weekend.
1st Assembly for the summer term 2022 - 25th April

Our assembly today introduced our new theme for this term: Wander and Wonder

We talked about the recent World Earth Day and wondered about how we can be kind to the planet and be kind to ourselves. It was lovely to hear some of things that families are doing to this end, including:
- growing more plants and especially food
- using bikes instead of a car to get to school
- changing where and how they shop in order to avoid single use plastics
- making decisions about what they eat to reduce the impact on the planet

We then played a game which involved wondering about some photos of some wonderful things. Can you work out which wonderful things were cropped from the photos?