Communication at Mousehole School

At Mousehole School, we wish our relationship with parents to be a joint partnership and hope that you will support us and reinforce the learning your children are involved in at school. This is done by attending parent curriculum meetings, hearing your child read regularly, by discussing your child’s work with them and being as involved as possible with events and celebrations in school.

Staff at the school are very conscientious and work extremely hard to provide a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum. We feel confident that the education your child will receive here at Mousehole will be of the highest standard and look forward to a successful and fruitful partnership with all the family.

To support this partnership we provide the following:

Staff at the door: All staff try to be available at the beginning and end of each day for quick updates and keeping in touch. We do ask however, that parents respect the teacher’s responsibility for their class from 8:50 and their after school commitments. If you need to spend more time with the teacher they will arrange a meeting as soon as possible.

Seesaw: We use Seesaw as a digital record of the children's school experience which parents can access. We also use it to communicate directly with parents about events in school. Some communication still happens via "satchel post" but to save time and paper and printing costs we use Seesaw for the majority of our communication.

Reports: These are sent home near the end of the Summer term.

Parents’ Curriculum Meetings: These are held in the Autumn and Spring term. This meeting provides a time for parents to learn the methods their child will be taught in, for example, Maths and/or discuss their child’s progress and any areas of difficulty. If more time is needed then a further appointment can be arranged. If you wish your child to attend the meeting with you please arrange a meeting after school time.

Newsletters: There is a termly newsletter which details forthcoming events and our achievements.  This is sent home via Seesaw and printed copies are available from the school office.

Letters to parents: We occasionally use letters to communicate, these would usually be from the headteacher, office, FROMS, or from class teachers.

Website: The school website contains all statutory information about the school. You can also find useful information about the curriculum and detail about school uniform etc. We post all our newsletters on the website and regularly update the calendar. Please visit www.mousehole.cornwall.sch.uk and save to your favourites.

Events: We have regular events in school when we open the school up to visitors. These are a great opportunity to come in see what your children have been doing and have a look at how we learn together at Mousehole School.

Email: The staff school reserve email communication for professional purposes. We request that you use the communication routes above. You can email the school office through the contacts page.