End of Year Goals

Mousehole Mice Pre- School end of year goals for our 2-3 year olds and then our 3-4 year olds linked to the 7 areas of learning:


2-3 year olds:


-       Settle into the setting and have a go at new activities.

-       Understand a simple one step instruction.

-       Explore my own feelings and begin to talk about how I’m feeling.

-       Enjoy drawing freely.

-       To be able to walk, run, jump and climb safely.

-       Compare amounts saying lots, more or same.

-       Notice differences between people.



3-4 year olds:


-       Settle in and become a confident learner.

-       Follow instructions to find my own things.

-       Talk about how I’m feeling with a wider range of words. Begin to understand how my friends might           be feeling.

-       Write the first letter of my name or even write my whole name!

-       To be able to put my coat on by myself.

-       Recite numbers past 5 and show finger numbers to 5.

-       Continue to develop positive attitudes about the differences between people.