Mousehole Mice - an introduction

Welcome to Mousehole Mice


Our pre-school, Mousehole Mice and our Reception Class work closely together as a unit. We ensure that our EYFS unit is a happy, caring and engaging environment for all children who attend. At Mousehole Mice we want every child’s experience of nursery and leading to school to be exciting, fun and memorable and in doing so we provide them with stepping stones leading into our school to be confident, respectful and have a love for learning.


Here at Mousehole Mice we believe that children learn through investigation, exploration and play. Learning and teaching is delivered through play and ‘hands on’ experiences. We use a mixture of songs, stories, adult lead and child lead learning to guide children on their learning journey throughout our setting. We work hard to support each child to help them gain confidence and independence as well as creating curious and creative learners. We are very passionate and have a commitment to lifelong learning for everyone.



Our Pre-School and the Curriculum.


We are a small setting with a warm and caring environment. We value and respect all children, parents, carers and staff. We give the children the time they need to settle into our setting and this is discussed with the parents with each individual child at the heart. Our curriculum is built around the Foundation Stage Development Matters framework which is split up into 7 areas of learning. The three initial areas that provide the platform for the rest of their learning are the prime areas which are:

-       Communication and Language

-       Personal, Social and Emotional Development

-       Physical Development

The three prime areas above are then weaved into the specific areas which are:

-       Literacy

-       Maths

-       Understanding the World

-       Expressive Arts and Design


Our Curriculum is created with the children at the centre and we also weave in any interests that the children may have at the time.


We believe that children learn through investigation, exploration and play and we provide them with a wide range of experiences while they are with us.

Alongside these experiences once a week we also have:

‘Jumping mice’ which is a large motor skill session in our school hall.

We join our reception class to take part in a music lesson with our lovey music teacher.

Welly walks up to our school field or the beach.

We also visit the school library.

We explore a new phoneme each week within the setting and the children engage in many activities linked to their new phoneme. They really enjoy our sound walks.

We believe that with all we offer here at Mousehole Mice it provides the children with strong learning foundations for their life ahead and a seamless, confident transition into their reception year here at Mousehole School.


We have a committed team, who work hard to make Mousehole Mice Pre-school a success. If you have any questions during your time with us, please don’t hesitate to speak to any member of the Pre-School staff. 


Pre-School Assistants

Mrs Melissa Hocking and Miss Jade Starkey


We thank you for showing an interest in our lovely setting. We look forward to working with you and your family. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can email us via the school office on the contact page here