Helping learning at Home

Supporting learning at home
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We set a limited, age appropriate level of homework. The purpose is to provide children with chances to practice and consolidate their learning, to share their learning with people at home and to encourage them to develop self discipline and independence.

We believe it is really important that children have the opportunity to develop interests and talents outside of school. They must also have time for unstructured play. With this in mind, we try to limit the amount of time children need to spend on homework and would always advocate a little and often approach.

It is our intention that work set for completion at home should provide chances to rehearse and practice concepts that have already been met in school: using recap to embed knowledge in long term memory. We also try to provide homework regularly to help your child establish routines. Please contact your child’s class teacher if your child appears not to be receiving regular homework or if they regularly struggle to complete it independently. If your child is struggling with a particular piece of homework please put a note on the homework itself so that school staff can follow it up or contact the teacher directly via Seesaw.

Some hints for homework

Try to establish routine days and times for completing homework so that:

  •        Children know what to expect and are not rushed
  •        Children are not trying to complete too much work in one go
  •        You can fit it around other out of school activities
  •        Someone at home can be available to support and monitor the work

Your child may need lots of encouragement, praise and even your company and help for certain tasks. Please ensure homework is not used as a punishment or threat.

We are occasionally asked by parents to provide extra homework. It may be possible to do this in individual circumstances if it is in the interests of the child but it is not our policy to provide extra work routinely and would always encourage informal ways to reinforce learning. See downloads below.