School Timings

Time Table

The School Day   8.50am  -  3.00pm
Morning break   10.00am  -  10.15am
Lunch     12.00 noon  -  1.00pm
Afternoon break (infants)  2.00pm  -  2.15pm

Arriving and Leaving

Children should not arrive at school unattended before 8:30am when there is a member of staff on duty in the playground unless they are attending our breakfast club which is available from 8:00am. Children who need to catch the bus need to be ready at the Paul Lane gate by 3.00pm. Parents are requested to wait on the playground and cross the road when the bus arrives. Children who have a club on the school field can be collected either from the field or from school.

Some of our older children walk home by themselves. Please inform the class teacher if you wish your child to do so.

Parents are requested to park thier cars with consideration for those living near the school.  The staff car park is only to be used for pick up and drop off before 8:15am or after 3:45pm {i.e. for clubs}.  All other parking on the school premises is by arrangement only.