Planned routines for September 2021 - information for parents

Planned routines for September 2021 - As of 21st July 2021


As you may know, there has been a significant change in the guidance for schools from this week (although most school are not making changes until September). We have not completed changes to our risk assessments as we are still awaiting further guidance from TPAT (which to date has been really useful and supportive throughout the pandemic). However we have had discussions as staff about the impact of different routines on the children and what is sustainable in terms of staffing costs. The outline plan for September is as follows:



We have been required to implement a bubble structure in our school until recently to limit the impact of an outbreak of Covid in the school community. The children have really missed the contact between age groups and working in bubbles has created a significant financial and logistical burden for the school. There has been a change in schools’ role in implementing track and trace. We do not intend to work in two bubbles in the Autumn.


Staggered start/finish times:

This is something we considered implementing pre-covid, largely to reduce the traffic issues around the school: it seems to have helped to ease some traffic issues and has made social distancing easier for everyone. It does give staff less preparation time in the morning and has created more issues with children arriving late to school. We have decided to stick with the staggered start and finish approach although change the times slightly as follows:

8:30am - A member of support staff will be available in the playground

8:40am - Doors open

8:50am - Latest arrival time for Lugger and Schooner classes

8:55am - Latest arrival time for Mousehole Mice, Dinghy and Skiff Classes

Finish times will stay the same:

2:55pm - Mousehole Mice, Dinghy and Skiff Classes

3:00pm - Lugger and Schooner Classes (and siblings)


No lining up in the morning:

The 10 minute window for arriving has created a more relaxed start to the day for the children (especially some younger children who suffer with separation anxiety). It does create issues with staffing and lateness (see comments above about staggered timing). We have decided to stick with this approach to the beginning of the day but do need your support regarding timing - breakfast club will continue to be available from 8am with concessions for children in receipt of pupil premium.


Clothing and equipment:

Providing your children with all the equipment they need for lessons has made it much easier to manage it has also no doubt helped to reduce the spread of infections of all kinds. Asking children to come to school in PE kit on appropriate days has also had benefits. We lose less PE time (and kit) whilst children change and again is likely to help reduce the spread of infections. It does mean we lose an important chance for children to be responsible and independent with looking after their kit and it obviously poses challenges to families about remembering the right kit for the day but we certainly have a lot less children doing PE without the wrong kit on. We will share class timetables early in the Autumn term so you will know what’s what for each day. We will ask children not to bring stationary in from home and we will expect children to come to school in PE kit on the appropriate days.


Further Covid precautions:

In order to protect our medically vulnerable staff and play our part in limiting the spread of Covid, we will continue to employ routines for enhanced cleaning (including hands), regular LFD testing of staff, limiting access to the school buildings and encouraging all members of the school community to be vigilant about Covid symptoms and positive test results.

Please note all the above is subject to change in response to guidance.