Our Spelling Programme


Our spelling programme focusses on teaching spelling rules and patterns that the children will then be able to apply to the spelling of similar words in the future. This will hopefully mean that spellings are learnt less for a Friday test and applied more in independent writing. 

All the children in the class will learn the same spelling rule or pattern for the week and there will be lessons where these are taught and practised with games and challenges.

The children will know what rule or pattern they will be tested on and will know most of the words that are likely to come up in a Friday spelling check. They will also learn any common exception words that do not conform to the rule. However, where spellings are built around a particular sound or letter string, children will be given one or two words that are not on the list but fit with the rule or sound to see if they are able to generalise. For example, when learning words with the -ay letter string (and they are given day, play, say, way, stay) the teacher might also test to see if can they also spell may and bay.

There are 32 lists of words for children to learn which can be dowloaded below. The words are taken from the 2014 National Curriculum. The lists get progressively more challenging, matching the content of the curriculum.

Across each year group, the word list contain a mixture of new words and words previously learnt. This should give children the opportunity to revise words they know already, ensuring children do not simply learn them for the test and then forget them.

In addition to teaching the rule/sound, children will benefit from being taught the meanings of words and how they can be used, supporting the development of their vocabulary. You will also find below some games we use in school which you may like to try at home.

If you have any questions regarding spellings, please arrange a time to speak to your child's class teacher.

In addition to the above work, we also use the Nessy Learning Programme which was originally designed to help dyslexic children to read and spell. Like most good learning resources it works well for anyone learning to read and spell - child or adult. We have licenses for all the children in Skiff and Lugger Classes and selected children in Schooner Class.
If you want to use the resources at home:
  1. Make sure your child has completed an assessment first (Nessy Challenge). They should have done this at school already.
  2. Follow the link here NESSY or go to http://play.nessy.com/login/default.aspx
  3. Enter our secret word: drollvest and click login
  4. Start to type your child's name and when they appear in the drop down list click on it (please don't allow your child to create a new monkey as this uses up one of our licenses)
  5. Click on Nessy reading spelling (Monkey Town is where children can spend the nuggets they earn playing games).