The nessy learning programme was originally designed to help dyslexic children to read and spell. Like most good learning resources it works well for anyone learning to read and spell - child or adult. We have licenses for all children in Skiff and Lugger Classes and selected children in Schooner Class. We also have a test account so that anyone can try the games and resources.
The programme has games as well as animations which explain spelling rules (strategies), mnemonics to help learn tricky words and printable resources which we use in school to work with individuals and groups.
If you want to use the resources at home:
  1. Make sure your child has completed an assessment first (Nessy Challenge). They may have done this at school already.
  2. Follow the link here NESSY or go to
  3. Enter our secret word: drollvest and click login
  4. Start to type your child's name and when they appear in the drop down list click on it
  5. Click on Nessy reading spelling (Monkey Town is where children can spend the nuggets they earn playing games).