Learning to Read and Write - How we use phonics to teach

At Mousehole School we follow the Letters and Sounds programme to support the teaching of early reading and writing. The programme can be downloaded below or by following this link. The teachers use a variety of resources to support the teaching of systematic phonics. We do use comercial products but we do not adhere to one specific scheme preferring to adapt teaching and resources to the needs of individuals and groups of children.
We encourage all children to practice their reading skills at home. We use reading schemes so that children can be given appropriate books that they can take home and progress through. The schemes we use are:
  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Project X
  • Bug Club Phonics
  • Storyworlds
  • Ginn reading 360
We also have a well stocked school library and individual classes contain various reading materials and books. We would always encourage parents to speak to their teachers about ideas for reading materials and ways to encourage their children to read. You can also download the Booktalk document below for some handy hints for ideas to keep your children engaged with reading at home.
Reading difficulties
Whilst staff at Mousehole are not qualified to make a diagnosis of dyslexia, all the staff have up to date dyslexia training and will adapt their teaching and support to meet a range of reading and spelling difficulties. This may include non-phonetic methods of teaching reading and spelling e.g. grammatical clues, mnemonics and memorising sight words. We also use the Nessy Learning programme to support individuals, groups and whole class learning.