We have an excellent governing body who challenge and support the school as it strives to improve and provide the best it can. The governors come from different parts of the community and bring a variety of skills and perspectives. To contact the Chair of governors - Mrs Linda Hodgson please speak to the school office or use the contact details for the school detailed at the bottom of the main website page.

Message from the school Governors

The Governors of Mousehole School represent the community of the area, the Local Authority, the school staff and the parents.

We are a body of people totally committed to supporting the Headteacher and staff, ensuring that the education of all the children reaches a high standard and that every child is enabled to fulfil his or her potential.

We support school activities and monitor the achievements of the children in all aspects of school life.

We do our best to ensure that the seven years that most of our children spend at Mousehole School are happy and successful ones and that they go on to the next stage of their education with confidence and happy memories of the time they have spent here.

If you wish to talk to any of us at any time, there will always be someone prepared to listen and to advise how best you can go about solving any problems you may have.

School Governors:

Trust Governors:                 Mrs Margaret Byrne

                                           Mrs Linda Hodgson - Chair

Parent Governors:               Mr Eugene McFadden

                                           Miss Natasha Ferguson

Co-Opted Governors:           Mr Eryl Williams

                                            Mr Tim Pullen

                                             Mrs Mel LeVesconte

                                             Mr Frank Batt

Staff Governors:                 Mr Chris Roynon - Headteacher

                                            Mr Alexander Mullaney - Teacher

                                            Vacant - Non-Teacher