The Mousehole School curriculum

At Mousehole School we passionately believe that the primary school curriculum experience should be a wide and varied one. We rigorously and methodically teach children to read, write and use maths and we also teach them a wide range of skills that we believe are important for making them happy and productive members of society.

Our curriculum is a project based curriculum. Each term each class team plans a project with a final outcome (a published book, an exhibition, a film etc) and based around an essential question which promotes deep thinking and cannot be answered by an internet search engine. The teachers carefully plan engaging projects which cover the requirements of the Mousehole Curriculum.  Some of the learning in English and particularly maths will be delivered discretely to fit the requirements of the National Curriculum programmes of study for English and mathsYou can find details of the skills and knowledge taught at each stage of the Mousehole Curriculum in the download below.

Alongside the curriculum, each term we focus on a different set of learning skills as part of assemblies and classroom work. These give children an understanding of how they learn and how they can make the most out of being members of a learning community. There is more detail in the download below but we have six areas we focus on:

Expect to Connect

Wander and Wonder

The reflective Perspective

Empathy and Equity

Think Big

Believe in Me